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Why Cubix?

Leverage accurate data-driven consultation to seamlessly develop and implement your blockchain projects. With our time-tested development process, we combine niche expertise with scalability.

As a reputable blockchain development company, our services offer data-driven solutions tailored to your business needs, whether you're a startup or an enterprise. We specialize in securing and validating ownership of digital assets and decentralizing networks through smart contracts.

Our custom blockchain app development solutions cater to various industries, including fintech, e-commerce, gaming, financial institutions, IoT, education, retail, health, and more. Experience optimum scalability and innovation with us.

Success-Driven Blockchain Development Process

Leverage our refined process for rapid testing and early product maturity, transforming your ideas into scalable and robust applications. Our tailored process is optimized to deliver solutions adaptable to changes in the blockchain industry.

Blockchain Consulting

We identify your organization’s blockchain potential. From market research, project feasibility assessment and blockchain platform analysis, to preferred tool selection and feature prioritization, we cover every area required.

Experience And Design

Our engaging designs produce seamless user experience, and are based on system blueprint design comprising technical components. Moreover, user preferences play a critical role in the eventual technical design.

Enterprise Blockchain

From ideation to design and development, our blockchain developers formulate and build enterprise-grade applications that are robust and ready to implement for maximum ROI (Return on Investment).


Access the platform you need at the right stage to harness the true power of blockchain technology. Our development team deploys permissioned and public blockchain in your cloud environment too.

Blockchain Maintenance

We give you peace of mind with our monitoring system through support and maintenance for your OS release, 3rd party upgrades, and new releases. We stand by you and help you tackle any amount of minor and critical issues.

Migration And Upgrades

We move your existing operation to the blockchain, and we produce a roadmap that includes migration, testing, and updation to ensure your business processes keep running and don't suffer any downtime.

The Future of Hybrid Projects with Blockchain

Enterprises prioritize security when partnering with a blockchain development company. Scalability remains a significant factor in successfull blockchain adoption. However, the concept of hybrid solutions presents a promising solution to address scalability challenges, a long-standing limitation.

A fully functional hybrid blockchain, seamlessly integrating a public chain with a private network, represents a remarkable achievement. This hybrid approach combines a permissioned blockchain for secure background transactions among entities, while enabling consumer access to product information on an open ledger.

Blockchain App Development - Technology Stack

Our custom blockchain app development services utilize scalable and tested technologies to deliver excellence.

Hyperledger for Blockchain App Development


Get the support you need for collaborative development of distributed ledgers, and witness the true power and potential of blockchain.

Quorum for Blockchain App Development


Harness an evidence-oriented programming language that is inclusive with screen reader technology, and aids you with building digital solutions.

Cardamo for Blockchain App Development


Participate with millions accessing Cardano, an open source cryptocurrency network and public blockchain platform accommodating smart contracts.

Neblio for Blockchain App Development


Simplify your blockchain ambitions with Token Protocol-1 coupled with unique metadata properties that tokenize tangible and digital assets.

Bitcoin for Blockchain App Development


Embrace the world of the Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency exchanged through robust and secure protocols based on Blockchain technology.

Ethereum for Blockchain App Development


Build your application in a secure environment, and write code on a vibrant platform globally renowned for finance-related operations.

Ripple for Blockchain App Development


Leverage a powerful and convenient currency exchange system with Ripple that offers real-time gross settlement system remittance network operations.

Aion for Blockchain App Development


Solve niche issues with AION, a multi-tier blockchain system geared to power cutting-edge services, capable of building efficient and decentralized systems to be built.

Unrivaled Security of Blockchain Development Platforms

Blockchain development platforms offer unrivaled stability and security, although they are not entirely immune to hacking. The distinctive feature of blockchain is its ability to detect and address any unauthorized action due to its transparent and traceable nature.

Enterprises choose blockchain development services for their superior security compared to other technologies. In today's cybersecurity focused landscape, blockchain technology serves as a powerful solution, addressing a wide range of security concerns.

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Leverage superior blockchain application development to thrive, as many others have, and let our experienced experts create captivating functionalities for your target audience in.


We develop enterprise-grade software solutions for businesses.

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