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Delight Your Attendees

Craft a fantastic experience for your attendees keeping them engaged in your event with our event management software solution

icons_Attendee Networking

Accelerate Attendee Networking

Digital Event Planner let your attendees build relationships by enabling the like, comment, share, and other features.

icons_Keep Everyone Updated

Keep Everyone Updated

Keep your attendees aware by displaying session details, schedules and speaker bio’s using our event management software solution.

icons_Real-time Feedback

Get Real-time Feedback

With extravagant polling features, get to know about the likes and dislikes of your attendees on the go.

icons_Click based Management

Click based Management

Manage every action on a click. Make edits on the fly and change content on the run-time.


Make passive visitors into active participants

Turn visitors into participants with real-time communication, pre-event marketing, and better reviews and ratings using our event management platform.

icons_pre-event network marketing

Accelerate pre-event network marketing

Step up the game and start communicating proactively by spreading sponsor info, specific relevant channels, party details, etc.

icons_Real-Time Communication

Real-Time Communication

Send timely updates, push notifications and leverage attendees by pushing relevant event details and news instantly.

icons_Align Your Participants

Align Your Participants

Keep in touch with everyone and update them even with a single like, follow, comment, etc.

icons_Reviews and Ratings

Appreciate and urge for Reviews and Ratings

Conduct live polls, surveys and post questionnaires to know what triggers your attendees.

Enable meaningful attendee connections

Digital event planner digitizes your event with meetings scheduler, online conversations, creates visitor profiles, etc.

icons_Digitize Visitor’s Profile

Digitize Visitor’s Profile

Help your participants in initiating meaningful conversations by enabling interest and job title-based networking through the solution

icons_Schedule Meetings with Ease

Schedule Meetings with Ease

Schedule meetings within a few clicks by enabling the identification of attendee’s connections and pick a time that shows mutual availability of related people

icons_Suggest Speakers and Suggestion

Suggest Speakers and Suggestion

Smart recommendation helps attendees in identifying the most relevant sessions and connection

icons_Start Interest based Conversations

Start Interest based Conversations

Build group forums for participants to initiate a conversation over their mutual interests and gather their opinion


Boost event performance and Verify ROI

Your after event toolkit to analyze event’s success ratio.

icons_Successful event With Real Time Analytics

Successful event With Real-Time Analytics

Keep a close watch on the event by running an in-depth analysis of event engagement via analytics to analyze activity levels, trending topics, pulse discussions, and much more.

icons_Progress for The Next Event

Progress for The Next Event

Get specific insights to generate detailed reports about influencers, user activity, and top sessions.

icons_Determine Actual Event ROI

Determine Actual Event ROI

Foresee and analyze the effect of unique events with metrics related to content, social engagement, and company.

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