3 Ways to Optimize Email for Touch Screens

A lot of smartphones come with touch screens that permit users to navigate, click and do other tasks with their fingertips. While this makes smartphones more instagram likes panel user-friendly email marketers need to be aware of these new capabilities to make emails more engaging and beneficial for those who have touchscreen capabilities.

Email Template Changes

The majority of email marketing services provide two preview panels, one for conventional PC viewing and the other for smartphones. Because smartphones that have and do not have touch screens are smaller and smaller screens, it is necessary to adjust email layout to fit different sizes of screens. This involves adjusting graphic and image positioning as well as headline and text sizes and the ways that users can best smm panel for instagram in india browse content – either by arranging content so that users can simply scroll down to read or by creating larger ‘More’ and ‘Click for Read More’ icons so users can tap them with their fingers to read the entire content.

If the email marketing platform does not have multiple preview panels, you can send previews of your email to your phone (or your friend or family member’s phone if you don’t yet have one) to check what your subscribers can see. Make any necessary changes to ensure that every subscriber regardless of whether they’re using either a smartphone or computer are able to easily access content.

Interactive Changes

Alongside making adjustments to the email template You should also think about making your links more visible and accessible to users of smartphones that have touchscreens. Create links that are large enough that people can view they are visible, but not too large that they consume all space. Testing the size of your link will be your only method to find the ideal size.

Include links to social media sites or blogs to emails with content. Because people are likely to be on their phones while they wait in lines at meetings, or even while sipping coffee at the local coffee shop, take advantage of their idle time by offering quick links to social media websites. Engage your subscribers through polls, games and surveys to keep their attention.

Call to Action Changes

Get subscribers to buy on their phones instead of using their computer at home. There is a good chance that if someone is keen on buying from your site, they’ll be able to forget it by the time they arrive home. Explain how simple to purchase through your website and then explain how secure it is. Inspire people to purchase right away by offering very limited-time promotions, discounts that are only available for a limited time or even free items.