A Career in Interior Decoration

One school of thought holds that top interior designers in mumbai decorators can be born and not created. You can learn interior decoration at any level if you possess an artistic spark and a desire to be creative. This is one of today’s most creative and lucrative careers.

Interior decoration is an enjoyable profession for those who have it. Today’s real estate market is flooded with high-end residential and commercial properties. The current generation of property buyers can afford to package their properties attractively. The use of interior decorators is no longer a luxury. The increasing spending power of the IT generation has made it clear that a home’s aesthetic appeal is what defines it. Many people are willing to pay more for this.

Professionally decorated interiors are a growing trend that has spread from movie stars to all levels of society. Interior decoration is not just for homes. You can see the offices of the most prominent doctors, lawyers, and advertising agencies. There are also bookstores, music shops. Shopping malls. Restaurants.


Interior decoration is a glamorous career, but there are many other benefits to this profession.

PEOPLE — There are many people you meet, from movie stars to business moguls; from well-known restaurant owners and fast-track lawyers to neurosurgeons and the rich and famous.

MONEY — You can make a lot of money. Everybody respects artistic talent, and your efforts should reflect the owner’s taste. It is a matter of ego, and people will pay a lot to support it.

CONTACTS — Interior decoration careers are self-propagating. You can pick and choose from many successful contracts until you have enough to go around. You may also find that the people you meet can be of great help in other areas.

A SPECIAL TRAINING IS NOT REQUIRED. Although a basic degree is in the Arts is a plus, an internship with an experienced interior decorator is a great option.

EXTENSIVE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES — You won’t be running the operation on your own. If you have a large contract, you will need the help of an electrician, carpenter, painter, and a graphic designer. Your profession will be of great benefit to many people, which is quite significant.

LIMITLESS JOB SATISFACTION — Being creative is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. Being paid for it is a bonus. The truth is that you are most productive when you do what you enjoy doing. This is also true in the professional world.

Many people are born with some kind of creative instinct. Recent polls revealed that interior decorators are not ‘born’ — anyone can learn a flair, like and proficiency in this field.


You don’t need any specific qualifications to be a successful interior designer, unlike interior design, which requires far more rigorous criteria. You should be able to judge space (including hidden storage spaces), lighting requirements, color schemes, contrasts, furniture styles, and other aspects. You should also have a good sense of the fabric and upholstery. These will be used to your advantage within a budget.

Although there are many books and journals on interior decoration, not many available for the Indian market. This is not a problem for the serious enthusiast. A variety of foreign publications can be found at specialty bookstores. Subscribe to Indian magazines such as “Inside Outside” for information about the styles and combinations that are popular in India.

It is a great idea to go to properties that have been professionally designed and then ask the owners what they think about the results. You should focus your search on newly purchased flats or offices that have hired an interior decorator. It is not important to evaluate the quality of the work, but to see what type of interior design is most popular in the real estate market and which ones are selling.

It’s free and everyone is willing to discuss it. This will allow you to build a list of both successful and unsuccessful strategies.

Another important thing is to get an interior decoration team together. It is also a good idea to build a personal network with carpenters and painters that can be available to work on unscheduled projects. You will have access to their services whenever you need them. It is also a good idea to share your design ideas with them. You will be able to reference these concrete prototypes when you get started on a project.


This is a more challenging and rewarding career, so you’ll need to have a lot of experience with interior decoration before you can consider entering it. You may be interested in interior design courses offered by accredited institutions.

There is no reason to stop making a living as an interior decorator. A famous philosopher once said that the only limits we have are those we create for ourselves.