Are Your Landing Pages Making the Grade? Mistakes To Avoid

Your landing page is an essential element of your marketing and list building efforts as an owner of an online business. By simply giving customers what they want and need, landing pages can help you maximize conversions. You have complete control over how visitors land on your Here are the top four mistakes to avoid when creating a landing page.

Instinct Call to Action

It is important to clearly define the action you want visitors to take. A confusing call to action is one of the biggest mistakes on landing pages. Consider what your primary goal is for landing pages. Make sure you have a prominent button that allows visitors to sign up for your mailing list.

Tip: Make sure your opt-in box is visible above the fold. This will ensure that every person who visits your page sees it.

Too Busy

Your page won’t convert as well if it is cluttered with distractions such as images, animations or ads. Clear, concise, and simple landing pages make the best. You must ensure that your main objective is not being compromised by any landing page.

Tip: Ask your family, friends, and coworkers to check out your page. Ask them to tell you what they see first, and what actions they should take.

Too Long. I Didn’t Get

It is difficult to read a page full of text. Most people will click “back” and continue their search. Keep your content brief and to the point.

Use bullet points and numbered lists to break up your text. This provides natural breaks for your content and makes it more enjoyable to read.

Complex Forms

Do you want visitors to sign up for your newsletter or to contact you? Don’t force them to fill out lengthy, complicated forms. This is not a homework assignment. Your visitor is more likely to abandon the form and click the “back” button.

Use only the fields that are absolutely required. You can inform them via email that they will soon receive a more detailed questionnaire if you use a contact form. After you have obtained their contact information, add more detailed fields to the emailed questionnaire.

A landing page is a must-have for any online business. A landing page that caters to your visitors’ needs, connects with them emotionally, and provides valuable resources or content will convert at its best. You cannot just’set it up and forget it. You should update your landing page at least once a week. Your landing page is one of your most powerful marketing tools, so it should be treated accordingly.