Branded Eyeliner: Let Your Eyes Speak

It’s one of the most important decisions we make every morning, along with choosing whether to have a dull day or a cup of coffee. Are we looking for a bold, dark purple eyeliner or a beautiful cat eye? No matter what look we choose, we need the best eyeliners. Unfortunately, we often realize 20 minutes later that the amazing liner we used is affecting our appearance. Eyes that are stained and smudged (in serious danger) are a sign of a great liner.

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Types of Eyeliners

There are many options for eyeliner, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Eyeliner is a combination of color particles suspended in oil and wax. These basic plans have existed since the dawn of makeup. These oil-based eyeliners are still available, but silicone-based makeup and new utensils have greatly expanded the selection of eyeliners. Online shopping is easy.


Pencil eyeliners, also known as pencils, are tiny, waxy shades that are wrapped in paper or wood. These eyeliners are the most popular and most affordable. Pencil eyeliners come in a variety of sizes. A firm pencil will create a longer lasting line while a delicate pencil can be applied without pulling on the delicate skin. Pencils also come in a wider range of colours than other types, making them a good choice for exploring diverse shades.


Pen eyeliners combine the simplicity of a pencil and the durability of a fluid liner. These liners are generally a late invention and are not yet available in many colors. These liners are much easier to apply than traditional fluid eyeliners and dry faster. However, they lack the same shading power as standard fluid liners.


Fluid or liquid eyeliner is long-lasting, extremely pigmented and sensational. You will need to test it before you apply. Fluid liners can be applied like paint using a small brush attached to the top end of the tube. Different brands use a felt tip that is etched or finely pointed to create a marker, rather than a standard brush. Although these felt tips are easier to use than a brush, they don’t provide as precise a line. For greater control, some cosmetics professionals prefer to use their own coating brushes.