How To Apply Makeup: The Ultimate Guide From a best makeup artist in bangaloreTHE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE

  1. Apply a moisturizer to your skinto create an ideal foundation of your foundation, your skin should be soft and well-hydrated.
  2. Application of primer It is possible to use one of the excellent, highly recommended best makeup artist in bangalore by Smashbox, Urban Decay, or Armani. However, I suggest applying a good sunscreen for the day as a primer , such as Bioderma and Clarins.
  3. Use foundation The most straightforward method to apply foundation is to visit the shop that you like – department stores, drug stores, Sephora, or Mac and talk to a salesperson to assist you in matching a foundation to your skin’s color. You can get another, or even a third one from the other salespeople at the store and at other stores to ensure that the foundation is suitable for you and won’t cause you to appear dull, ashy or look too matte. Use using your hands to put the foundation small by small, onto your face. Make sure to not over-apply.
  4. Apply concealer Once you’ve lightly applied foundation apply concealer to areas that are difficult to cover. areas such as pimples, acne or hyperpigmentation.
  5. Apply a powder While I wouldn’t recommend using a product because it can cause facial skin for wrinkles, that’s your personal choice. Utilizing a brush that is fluffy and a powder brush, apply it on the top of your freshly slathered foundation face.
  6. Make sure your eyes are clean you can use your fingertips or a small brush to spread eyeshadow across your lids. For applying eyeliner I suggest applying a liquid liner and then using a steady hand, you can sweep the applicator over your lid, bringing it close to the eyelash line. It is also possible to use an eyeliner pencil to line with your lids by lining them from within. To create a smokey look you can apply black eyeliner to the outer rims or white to create a wide-eyed look. The final touch to eye makeup is mascara. Just swipe the wand across the lashline and outward. You can also apply mascara to your lower eyelashes.
  7. Make your cheeks look more youthful using a medium size brushes, put blush to your cheeks’ apples and then sweeping them outward towards your hairline.
  8. Apply lipstick Make sure to remove the outer edge of the lips in order to prevent feathering. Also, don’t forget to determine whether you have lip color on your teeth!
  9. Final touches There are a variety of other steps professionals employ to apply makeup. You can apply highlight (a powder or cream color that is darker than skin tones) around your brow bone beneath your eyebrows across the middle on your face, as well as over those cheeks’ apples. Utilize the lowlight (a darker powder or cream shade) along the areas of your nose that are just below your cheeks’ apples, as well on the temples. Apply a bronzer on the areas of your face and apply it to the three points of your face three: cheeks, temple and your chin. The way you shape your eyebrows can make a dramatic changes to your appearance.