Personalized Pet Memorials

Some people think it’s foolish to grieve the loss of a pet. People who have shared the joy and bond of unconditional love with animals feel it is the right thing to do.

It doesn’t matter if it is an animal or a human, the process of grieving over the loss of a pet is hard. A memorial can be a great way to remember the good times with your While most people prefer to preserve their pet’s memories with a simple photo, some pet-lovers prefer to create a personal memorial for their pet. Cremation is the best choice, as most local authorities don’t allow animals to be buried.

The majority of US veterinary hospitals can arrange for pets to be cremated. The pet’s ashes are then given to the owner who can make it part of a pet memory. The pet-lover will decide where the pet memorial is located. However, many pet owners choose to keep the remains in the home or at the pet’s favorite place. You can keep the ashes in a box, urn or other container. These are available in metal, wood, and stone. Many memorial container manufacturers can include the pet’s photograph or likeness in the design, and also engrave your name and date.

Personalizing a pet’s memorial is about preserving the uniqueness of the pet, and relieving the grief associated with its passing. Pet owners can add any articles or design elements they wish to the memorial. Some pet owners include the collar, leash and feeding bowls of their pet, as well as their beloved rags, in their memorial. The personalized pet memorial can include photos of loved ones or small items.

Pet lovers often preserve the most precious moments of their pet’s lives in photos and videos. This is then used as a memorial. Every member of the pet’s immediate family will have at least one memorable moment with their pet. It could be the time their pet ran away with their shoe, or when the iguana bit them. These special moments can be recorded and added to the personal memorial.