Bridging loans

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  • March 7, 2022
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Many people are confused about the meaning of different loans due to the sheer number of loans on the market. Here are some common types of loans, and their meanings:

Mortgages for Home Improvement

These loans are used to increase the value of your house or to make it more attractive for a sale. This loan is usually unsecured and you don’t need to put it up as collateral. It’s usually short-term and you repay it in 12 months to 5 years.

The loan is great because it allows you to make improvements to your property in a short time. However, the interest rates are high so you need to do your calculations before you decide to take it.

Bridging loans

These loans can be used to purchase property prior to selling your existing house. These loans are intended for property developers and landlords, but wealthy and well-off borrowers may also be eligible to borrow them. The loan bridges the gap but it attracts very high interest rates. There are also many overhead costs.

An FCA-regulated broker is required to obtain the loan. A broker will advise you not only on the best bridge for you but also other options.

Auto Loan

It’s a very common loan, and it is self-explanatory. This is the loan you use to purchase a vehicle. You can find many financial institutions that offer the loan. All you have to do is research to choose the right one. There are a variety of repayment terms available, including shorter or longer terms.

It is important to note that your credit score will affect the amount you receive. Therefore, it is advisable that you check your credit rating with credit reference agencies in order to get an estimate of how much you will get.


This guide will help you understand the various types of loans available. Always ensure you have the financial ability to repay any loan you take out. There are many lending institutions with different interest rates and repayment terms. It is important to do your research to find the right institution for you.

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