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Get Ready for Foodly – The Hub of Delicious Cuisines!

Foodly lists all the world’s cuisines in its catalog so that people can curb their desire for a warm meal at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

It is an intuitive platform where the user can hunt for tasty treats for lunch, breakfast, and dinner. Users can search for their favorite dishes near their location, manage their order lists, and much more.

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Foodly Highlights

Burger, ice-cream, pizza or Chinese, Foodly has all types of restaurants available. The app is an exceptional addition to the mobile market for both average users and the restaurant owners.

Foodly has various features that make it a fantastic evolution in the mobile app industry. Users and brand owners can set up their profiles. Users can manage their orders, view order status, check out the nearest restaurants, and more. Restaurants can list menus, categorize breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and more. Plus, they can build brand recognition with user ratings and reviews.

User Profiles

Foodly allows users to set up their profiles with personal logins via email or social media.

Restaurant Lists

The app has restaurants offering various cuisines, including Chinese, French, Fast Food, and more.

In-App Navigation

Foodly allows users to search for restaurants near their location or track their order through the built-in map.

My Order Status

Keep track of your order status from when it is placed, in process, confirmed, and on its way to the delivery point.

Search Filters

Refine your search with filters, such as restaurant types, food categories, and maximum delivery time or distance.

In-App Wallet

Foodly converts dollars spent into reward points. Users can share the earned points with their registered friends.

Cultural Cuisines at Your Fingertips

Foodly is home to tons of cultural dishes, from Chinese to French, Greek, Indian or Fast Food. Users can sign up to order the meal of their choice from their restaurant from Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

The restaurant page in the app opens up to list the menu with a header featuring the restaurant description, time of delivery, and the restaurant rating. It also provides directions on map for users to conveniently locate the restaurant in their vicinity for dine in or order pick up.

Foodly Was Designed

To help you find tasty treats, snacks, and drinks

At home within minutes

Earn Points, Track Orders, and More

Foodly is a platform that is unique to each of its three user-base, average users, restaurant owners, and the app owner. With a separate login and user profile, it offers a distinct dashboard with unique features that suit their needs.

Average users can login to place their order through the app and track it from when it is in processing, confirmed, in preparation, and on its way to your home. Furthermore, the in-app wallet converts the dollars spent into reward points that can be traded for more purchases. It also lists points earned per restaurant so users can track where they spent.

Furthermore, Foodly offers exceptional user experience with its separate My Orders, deals, allergens, and in-app wallet tabs. The My Orders tab lists pending, delivered, or cancelled orders. The Deals tab lists those restaurants that are offering deals on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, the Allergens panel lists those meals with any allergic ingredients allowing users to avoid harmful foods.

Intuitive UI for a phenomenal UX

Foodly offers separate logins for users, including two admin panels for the app owner and restaurant owners. The app owner or super admin can view all registered restaurants on Foodly, along with menu lists, order lists, ratings, and more. The restaurant owner can track their sales, manage incoming orders, ratings, and more through the admin dashboard.

For the average user, Foodly has tons of search filters to customize results, in-app wallet, a virtual shopping cart to track orders, and user reviews and ratings. Users can also customize their meal with add-ons, avoid allergens, and review the total cost of their order through the receipt.